$50 to find out what you're made of

$50 to find out what you're made of

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We are made of water, bones, fat and muscle (just to name a few). Some of us have more fat. Some have more muscle. What are you made of? We can tell you with our on-site  BodPod.  You have probably heard of people doing body composition testing under water. That's one way. But a BODPOD TEST is quicker, more accurate and drier.  

In a few minutes, the body fat test reveals your body composition, or how much of you is lean body mass (muscle, organs, bone) and how much is fat. This comes in handy when you’re trying to lose weight because you want to lose as much fat and maintain as much muscle as possible. 

A scale can only tell you how much total weight you’re losing – but not the composition! From the report that's generated, our trained technicians can tell you the number of calories you burn at rest and if you're at risk for obesity-related diseases.   

Who are we? We are Fitology -- a group fitness and cycling studio, and we take a scientific approach to your health, fitness and wellness. We conduct onsite exercise studies and use evidence-based approaches like body composition testing and health assessments to recommend the best mix of group fitness and cycling classes for each individual. We are committed to arming our members with the most power of weapons in the fight for good health: knowledge. 

We offer unlimited cardio, strength, high-intensity interval, core and flexibility programs from the global leader in fitness, Les Mills International,  to give you the fastest and results. Our indoor FITcycle studio has 25 state of the art BodyBikes to give you the best ride in town.  

Our facility is fresh, fun, friendly and focused on one goal: to get you fitter, stronger and healthier than you are right now.  We hope you take this unique opportunity to really understand your body composition and how it relates to your fitness level. 

This deal also includes a ONE DAY PASS to our facility so you can see what we're made of and how Fitology can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Visit our site at www.fitology542.com or email us at fitology542@gmail.com for questions.
Bring in your deal or email us to schedule your BODPOD test and receive pre-test instructions. 

Live well. Stay FIT. 


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